Welcome to Worldwide Real Time Decentralized Communications

reTHINK Framework provides the tools to build a global real-time decentralized communication infra-structure where services are inherently inter-operable.

A Communication Network can now be created together by many millions businesses and not by a couple of big corporations and monopolies.

Adhoc Interoperability with nearly Zero Standards

The reTHINK framework provides Decentralized Communications across any domain by trustfully using peer-to-peer networks

Thanks to radical new concepts like Protocol on-the-fly and Reporter-Observer peer-to-peer data synchronization pattern, Decentralized Services can easily interoperate, without having to agree in advance on common protocols or service APIs


Power back to People

Decentralized Trust with new or existing Identity Providers

The reTHINK Framework empowers the users with the choice and the management of their private data and identities. Services are securely associated to User Identities that are managed by independent Identity Providers. The end-user is empowered to decide about which Identity Provider to trust, i.e. User Identities are decoupled from Service Providers.

  rethink.default.install(config).then((runtime) => {
    runtime.requireHyperty(helloWorldReporterCatalogueURL).then((hyperty) => {
    }).catch(function(reason) {

Hyperties: the new reusable building block to develop complex decentralized Applications

The reTHINK Framework enables the usage of cutting edge software engineering in the Decentralized Ecosystem.

By following microservices architectural patterns, Hyperties are independently deployable components each one providing a small set of business capabilities, using the smart endpoints and dumb pipes philosophy.

Feel the Power of Decentralized Communications

Have a look at the Hyperty Catalogue or try the Digital Social Marketplace application